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Have you noticed a serious level of ant infestation at your property? Are you worried about controlling the ant population? Ants can infest both residential and commercial properties. However, ants are very dangerous to your health. Therefore, for an ant-free property, directly report to a professional. Our Ant Control Craigieburn team provides complete ant removal and treatments.

Moreover, we have experience in providing ant treatment to you. Even, we make use of high-quality products during ant removal service. Additionally, we provide service as per customers’ comfort. 

Pest Control Craigieburn have certified and insured professionals for ant treatments. We are committed to using eco-safe solutions. Moreover, our natural pest control methods act as effective ways to treat ants. Further, all our ant’s control services are reasonable.

As ants can infest anywhere on the property. Therefore we have special tools to find hidden ants. So, if you are looking for a professional ant removal service. Then you can immediately contact us in Craigieburn. We take bookings at 0344279660.

How We Distinguish Between Different Types of Ants Species Found in Craigieburn and Control Them?

Many homeowners don’t know how to treat different ant species and try to eliminate the ant colony with normal products. Well, no need to worry now! Our ant exterminators can treat every type of ant species. Moreover, we have full knowledge of controlling different ants. Some ants species we provide control services to are:

  • Odorous House are very destructive ant species and very difficult to control. Odorous house ants are very small in size, about 2.4 lengths. Moreover, they are dark brown in colour. Well, our team is best at controlling odorous ants. Further, we control odorous ants with insecticide sprays. 
  • Pharaoh Ants are light yellow or brown, commonly found in residences. Our team can easily control Pharaoh ants using baits. Moreover, we provide treatment for pharaohs in walls and floor voids. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient Pharaoh ant removal team. Then, immediately book an appointment with us. 
  • Carpenter Ants are red and black found in wood material. Well, our experts are always ready to serve you. Even, we eliminate carpenter ants by completely removing the nest.
  • Pavement Ants are small in size, approx 3 mm long. Moreover, pavement ants have shiny skin. For pavement ant removal service we use baits and dust processes. Moreover, we have modern and advanced tools for finding and eliminating pavement ants. 

 Why Should You Worry About Ants At Your place? 

Ants can enter your house through small and unnoticeable holes. However, ants infestation in the house can be very dangerous. Further, some reasons that show why you must not ignore ant infestation are as follows: 

  • Ants infestation causes physical damage to your house. Moreover, if your place is suffering from Carpenter ants, your structure is at risk. So, if you have an ants infestation, you must take action. Moreover, carpenter ants are also very harmful to wooden furniture. 
  • Secondly, ants are not only annoying pests but also very risky to health. As ants move out from the house and enter with bacteria in your kitchen. Thus some of the germs ants spread are shigella, salmonella and many more. Hence, ants also contaminate food in your house kitchen. 
  • If ants bite you in numbers, it may cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Therefore, you should never ignore ants bites or stings. Some allergic reactions because of ants are swelling, nausea etc. 

Therefore, to avoid the above ant problems and illnesses. Further, you can book us for the white ant treatment. We assure you we to rescue this problem as soon as possible. 

Our Ant Control Process For Long-Lasting Results 

If you are trying very hard to remove ants infestation from your property and still ants are returning bcak. Then don’t worry! Our technicain has the right solution for you. Have a look at our ant control process: 

  • Inspection: Our Ant Control Craigieburn technician will perform an inspection at your place. Moreover, during infection, we will judge the ant species and find the ant’s entry point at your property. Even we decide which treatment is best during the service. Moreover, if you are worried about the inspection cost. Don’t worry our ant inspection cost is very much affordable. 
  • Treatment: We use the most effective ant treatment which is baiting. In other words, baits act as a poison for the target ants. Moreover, we also use insecticide spraying for ants. Nevertheless, in bad cases, we also use fumigation methods. Moreover, all our solutions are safe and best to use. 
  • Re-inspection & Follow-ups: During the re-inspection, we see the results of our treatment. We also provide advice related to ants prevention. In addition to this, We also provide follow-ups service for ant controls. 

Our technicians also cover the following services.

Our ant controllers offer services to the entire Craigieburn. So, to avail a productive ant removal service anywhere in Craigieburn, call us anytime. 

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FAQs on Ant Control

Why do ants come to my house? 

Ants come to your house due to many reasons, such as your home offers food to eat and shelter to live in. Further, sweets are the major attraction for ants.

Do you provide ant treatment at commercial properties of Craigieburn? 

Yes, we are available for ant treatments at commercial properties in Craigieburn. Therefore, for small to large scale ant treatments, contact us. 

What is the most effective DIY method for ant removal? 

There are several DIY methods for controlling ants. The common and effective DIY method is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. You can spray this solution directly on ant colony. Furthermore, the best way to get rid of ants is to book experts. 

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