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Possums are cute and innocent-looking animals. But the reality is a little bit different. Sometimes they can be a matter of concern for you and your family. Our Possum Removal Craigieburn team is available at your service 24*7. Without any delay get an appointment for our professional Possum removal service. We have experts who are well versed in the knowledge of localities and possum trapping and releasing. So whenever you call, we can reach out to you in minimal time. Call our local possum catchers to make your residence possum free in less time.

Understand How To Identify Possum Presence On Your Property

Possums are small marsupials generally white and black; they may appear pinkish and greyish sometimes. Their furs may vary like red, brown, black, and many more. They rarely attack humans. Possums generally like to stay in that area where they find food and water easily and prefer that space where they easily hide. So it is advisable to make your surroundings clean especially the area where you visit less like your basements and sewers and other places where they hide easily. Some species of possums are:

  • Ringtail Possum
  • Brushtail Possum
  • Pygmy Possums
  • Honey Possum
  • Green-tail Possum
  • Stripped Possum

Techniques We Use To Remove Possums From Your Area

Our professionals use the trapping method to remove possums from your area without taking any risk for a long period of time. It includes:

  • Setting a cage– We set up a cage with baits. We capture the possum from your area. We keep fruits and grains in the cage to attract them and catch possums by tricking them.
  • Release far away- Our humane possum removal team will make sure that they release them not more than 50 m far away so that they don’t have any survival issues.
  •  Multiple visits- Sometimes, it takes time to catch possums and for that, you may need our multiple visits. In some cases, we have to increase the number of cages. 

How Would Customers Know If The Possum Is Trapped In The Cage?

Possums are very much similar to rats and mice; it is quite difficult to distinguish between them until observed keenly. But if this ever happens to you in any phase of your life then notice that rats are rodents and possums are marsupials and they carry one pouch-like structure to protect their baby. Whenever you notice that possums are trapped in the set cage, you should immediately contact our possum removal Craigieburn team to release them. Our possum catcher team will reach your place and start their removal process instantly.

Why Do You Need Possum Removal?

  • They wreak havoc in the garden–  They literally damage your vegetable and fruits as well as the whole household plants as they are omnivorous so they like to eat everything they get which is really causing a lot of damage to your property.
  • A threat to your pet– These small cat-sized marsupials may cause some harm to your pets as possums are omnivorous they may attack your pet. Although this is not a matter of concern when our  Humane Possum removal team is ready to help you in this situation.
  • Diseases!!- Possums may not attack humans but cause a lot of diseases that are fatal and easily communicable. Don’t feel your minds with lots of tension when our possum removal company is providing you excellent service.
  • They can make your house a mess– They cause huge damage to your personal property by cutting electricity wires, dying inside air ducts, etc. To avoid these situations it is important to make your house possum free and our possum removal Craigieburn team is excellent at this job.
  • The dead possums- Well it is really a tough job to remove possums from congested places like air ducts, sewage pipes, etc., we have a special offer in dead possum removal service which is totally affordable for everybody.

How Can We Help In Maintaining A Possum Free Property In Craigieburn?

  • Residential Possum Removal- Our company is providing services in homes and other private firms to help people struggling with possums in their locality. So stop searching for different companies because our possum removal service will give the best results in less time as well as money.
  • Commercial Possum Removal– Not only do we provide services on homes but also on commercial spaces so that your business will not get hampered in any case. Contact us and clean possums from your area at an affordable rate.
  • General Possum Inspection– Generally people are tricked by these marsupials and it is quite difficult to recognize them but our professional possum removal team are expert in identifying them. So if you need some possum inspection service just give us a call.
  • Emergency Possum Removal Service- Did this possum cause huge damage to your property? Don’t worry, just call us and get our local service as soon as you finish your call.

Dead Possum Removal Service To Protect You Against Germs

Removing dead possum from your space is really a challenging job. They cause huge damage to our property when they are alive but they will not spare you even when they are dead. Sounds puzzled but yes when they die in air ducts and in sewage their rodent smell is really unbearable for everyone. But for your help, our company provides the best dead possum removal service so that you enjoy your home peacefully. Also, the possum removal cost is very low and under your budget.

Why Hire Us For Your Possum Removal Craigieburn?

  • Eco-friendly- Our company uses cages and baits which are possum-friendly and don’t harm possums in any way.
  • Affordable- We provide the best service at a very low rate. So that no one will suffer and risk their property.
  • Certified Professional– The best thing about our company is that every member of our team is certified and has many years of experience in possum removal.
  • Best- Our company got top position in the whole Craigieburn just because of our best service so whenever you need help just dial us without any hesitation.
  • Same Day Possum Removal Service- This is an amazing offer provided by our company. So that you set up a cage to remove all possum from your area in a single day and protect your assets from danger.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to remove the possum from my place?

It totally depends on the area where you live and the duration that the possums stay in your space. Usually, it takes 3-7 days but varies according to the situation.

How can possums enter our space?

Well, they enter through holes, gaps, or any other small area. So it is very important to do the regular maintenance of your property so that they are not able to enter your personal space and cause any damage. Our professional team helps you in inspecting it properly.

What is the duration your company takes to provide service?

We don’t waste a single minute after your booking. So it’s on you when you want us to come to your space and start our work. So without any delay hire our possum removal Craigieburn team.

Possum Removal Craigieburn
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