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Fleas are the most common household pests that are usually present if you or your neighbouring areas have pets. These insects affect both animals as well as humans. Fleas transmit various infectious diseases which can also be transmitted to humans. Also, Craigieburn warm and humid weather gives an invitation to fleas.

Our Flea Control Craigieburn team provides professional flea management services. We have many years of experience and expertise to offer effective flea control services in Craigieburn. Our specialists make a difference by ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment for residential as well as commercial property owners.  Moreover, we offer customised flea treatment services for our clients based on the type of flea, the level of infestation, and other related factors. In addition, our experts not only eliminate fleas from your premises but also advise you in preventing future flea infestations. So, call us on 0344279660 and fix an appointment with us right away.

Here is a list of why people choose us in Craigieburn:-

  • Trusted solutions
  • Reasonable flea fumigation cost 
  • Same/next day service 
  • Trained, qualified and experienced flea control specialists
  • 24/7 bookings availability
  • A safe flea control process
  • A local team of experts
  • Focus on Customer satisfaction
  • Use non-toxic and eco-friendly products

Look At How To Recognize Flea Infestation

An indication of a flea infestation is if your pets are scratching excessively or grooming themselves. Go through the below-mentioned points to gather more information about fleas:-

  • Symptoms of a flea bite: Fleas are small parasites that generally do not bite humans. Although they do not directly pose any serious health issue to humans, still they should be controlled as they feed on the blood of your pets. In some cases, they may bite humans and you may experience allergic reactions like swelling on your face, hands or mouth, itchy or irritated skin, and discoloured rings around the bite. Thus, if you get bitten by a flea, seek medical advice immediately.
  • The physical appearance of a flea: Fleas, depending upon their species, are about 2-10 mm in length. They are wingless and their bodies are flat but they have the capability to jump long distances. They are around the size of an ant and have large bellies filled with blood.

Common visible species of flea in Craigieburn are as under:-

  • Cat Flea: These flea species attack dogs, rats and other mammals but not humans. Such fleas are 1 to 2 mm in length, reddish-brown in colour and their main host is domestic cats. We have well-trained professionals who provide the best and most effective cat flea treatment.
  • Dog Flea: Such fleas are similar to  Cat fleas. They generally attack a wide range of mammals but mainly domestic dogs. It can be dangerous, so seek an expert for a dog flea treatment.
  • Human Flea: They are very rare because of increased hygienic standards at homes these days. They normally attack dogs, rats, pigs, cats, birds and other mammals.

Thus, if you see that your pet is continuously scratching its body part you must check for flea bites and take remedial action immediately.

What To Do If You Spot Fleas In Or Around Your Property?

If you discover a flea in or near your area instantly reach out to a professional as they are very irritating and cause various skin diseases. Our flea fumigation experts will arrive at your premises in a number of hours and will make every possible effort to eradicate fleas and improve your surroundings. To get rid of fleas, we suggest our customers follow some of these tips:-

  • Groom your pets regularly.
  • Take your pets for checkups at regular intervals.
  • Make sure that your garden area is clean at all times.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes to reduce the risk of flea bites.
  • Wear gloves whenever you are handling or feeding sick animals.
  • Don’t take your pets outside for more hours. Also, don’t let them spend time with stray animals.
  • Mop and clean your space daily as it will limit the growth of fleas.

Our Flea Control Procedure

Based on the type of flea species and the level of infestation, we select the best and most effective treatment to remove the flea. Our flea fumigation treatment is completely safe and involves vacuuming your area, application of foggers and flea bombs and much more. Moreover, we also use a heat treatment process to kill the fleas on your premises. Sometimes we use chemical treatment wherein we apply non-toxic sprays and insecticides. Also, our flea exterminators communicate all the information regarding treatment to you before starting it. They also resolve all your queries and suggest you the best and most effective available option. Our procedure is comprehensive and includes the removal of eggs, adult fleas, pupae and larvae. Thus, our flea pest control process involves three major steps:-

  • In-depth inspection of your area.
  • Physical control and removal through vacuuming.
  • Chemical treatment using sprays, gels, insecticides, etc.

Same Day Flea Control And Removal In Craigieburn

We are a renowned and well-known pest control company and try our best to deliver quality services at affordable prices and within 24 hours of fixing an appointment. Our local flea exterminators are highly trained and certified to handle any type of flea for you. Moreover, our experts use the latest techniques and green products thus ensuring an effective and quick eradication of fleas. We offer flexible and convenient services. So, if you are searching for a flea treatment for home or business, call us on 0344279660 right at the moment to improve and make your environment flea-free.

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What do I need to prepare before availing of your flea control service?

You are not required to do anything. As soon as you fix an appointment with us, our exterminators will reach you in a few hours and perform all the tasks.

Do your flea control products smell bad?

No. We use natural, eco-friendly, and odourless products during our treatment that pose no harm to you, your kids or pets. 

How will I know that my pet has fleas?

To identify flea infestation, you should notice your pets. You may see your pet scratching or fleas deep inside their body or around their ears. 

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