How to Check for Bed Bugs when Traveling

Bed bugs are a major annoyance because they are notorious for feeding on humans at night. Bed bug bites are scratchy and painful, and may even lead to allergic reactions in some cases. Bed bugs make no distinctions and will live anyplace they can find a food supply. While bed bugs may appear out of nowhere, the truth is that they are famous for hopping from one place to another, including from homes to hotels. It only takes one pregnant bed bug to start a full-fledged bed bug infestation, however, if you are vigilant about inspecting for bed bugs while traveling, you can considerably reduce your chances of bringing bed bugs home as a souvenir.

Bed bug prevention begins the moment you enter your room

Bed bugs are known to hitch rides back in luggage. You’ll want to check on your belongings to avoid bringing bed bugs home. While it’s natural to want to put your heavy luggage down as soon as you enter your hotel room, doing so is a big mistake. The longer your belongings are infested, the more likely it is that they will sneak inside for you to bring home. Check for bed bugs before allowing your luggage to touch the bed, ground, or other furniture.

Where to Look in a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

  • These pests are about the size of an apple seed and are very good at hiding, thus making them extremely difficult to identify. But if you are aware of where they hide and what to look for you can considerably reduce their population at home.
  • Place your bag on the luggage carrier which you can see in your room.
  • Bed bugs have a few favourite hiding places in most hotel rooms. The following are the common places to find bed bugs:
  • On or near the bed. Bed bugs can hide in the most inconspicuous places, so inspect the bed frame, mattress, box springs, linens and headboard. Remember bed bugs grow eggs at a faster rate. So ensure that you don’t carry them back to your home.
  • Furniture for the living room, particularly upholstered furniture. If your room has a couch or sofa, look in between and beneath the cushions. Bed bugs can sometimes be found hiding in nightstands or dressers.
  • Other dark, small crevices. Bed bugs look for places where humans spend the majority time. However, if necessary they will go to some other place to hide as well. Bed bugs have been found hiding in electrical outlets, behind sagging wallpaper and picture frames, and behind curtains.

What You Should Look For

  • While seeing an actual bed bug is the most obvious sign of bed bugs, there are other things to look for when inspecting your hotel room. Because bed bugs are nocturnal, identifying an infestation before you go to bed or unpack your luggage is critical.
  • Examine for bed bug faeces. Because linens are changed between visitors, bed bug droppings may be one of the more visible signs of infestation. Bed bugs droppings are usually present in several areas where the pests feed.
  • Look for discarded body parts. Bed bugs moult their exoskeletons as they develop from egg to nymph to adult. These are typically found in the same areas as droppings.
  • Blood stains are less common upon entering, but if you wake up with itchy welts on your skin, then there are chances of bedbugs in the room. These blood spots are typically reddish-brown in colour.
  • After checking of your room and determining that it is bed bug-free, you can begin unpacking your belongings. While staying at the hotels, do ensure to be mindful of all the common signs of bed bugs mentioned above and if you doubt of an infestation, notify the management.

When You Get Home

• Even if you perform the most thorough checks when travelling, bed bugs can hitch a ride back home. Following your trip, there are a few steps you should always take to ensure your belongings are bed bug free.
• Do not bring your bags inside for a day or two if feasible. Even if the bed bugs hatch, if they do not have a host to feed on, they will die.
• Empty your bags and put everything in the washing machine on the hot cycle. Laundry kills any live bed bugs that may be hiding in your clothes.
• If a bed bug laid eggs in your bag, you can prevent them from hatching in your home.

What to Do If You Identify a Bed Bug Infestation

If you highly doubt your guesthouse has a bed bug infestation, contact management right away. You can then request a new room or, if possible, look for alternative lodging.
Contact pest control service provider if you suspect your home has a bed bug infestation. You may attempt to treat them all by yourself, but keep in mind that these pests are exceptionally resilient and multiply at a faster pace. Their infestation can quickly become unmanageable.
We are capable of dealing with all types of bed bug infestations. Our skilled bed bug professionals can help you with free inspections and treatment plans to make sure your bed bug problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Avoid Rodents at Work While Renovation

Rodents are very much part of your localities and surroundings. You cannot avoid them. Neither can you prevent their roaming around. What you can do is – prevent their entry into your premises and property.

A Rat, mice – rodents of any kind are a significant threat to your property and belongings. They are great at chewing and nibbling anything that comes their way.

When you are planning on getting a renovation for your workplace, you might find an infestation that may come your way.

Workplace rodents cause a lot of damage that you may need help to handle. You need professional assistance and expert advice to keep your property rodent-free during these times.

So to prevent rodents’ workplace issues from going out of hand, here are some tips you can keep in mind before and after the renovation to have a rodent-free, well-renovated workplace and breathe in peace.

Preventing Rodents at Your Work During and After Renovation Tips

You need to control rodents’ entry on any property, whether office or residential. They cause severe diseases and a lot of damage to property and belongings. The office store warehouse is always at risk of rodent infestation and its damage-causing traits.

So you need to be alert and cautious while dealing with rodents, especially if you are planning a renovation that may make their movement more vigorous and active.

Some preventive tips during and after the renovation at your workplace to prevent warehouse factory rats from causing any damage are:

  • Seal The Entry Points

To begin with, prevent rodents while renovating the workplace, and lock and seal the rodent entry points. They can come from drain pipes, main doors, windows and renovation debris. Their movement is swift, so stopping them at their entry points is better.

  • Declutter The Space

Declutter the office space. If your renovation plans out to be one place at a time, avoid cluttering the other spots with the things from the site. Also, keep the renovating material well-checked and supervised to spot any rodent movement around it.

  • Lock The Pantry Doors And Food Drawers

Lock the pantry doors while renovating the workplace to prevent rodent activities around that area. The pantry is the favourite place for rodents; they love to be around it in search of food and other edible items. Also, you may be in the habit of keeping food inside your drawers, stop doing that, especially while renovating.

  • Dispose Of Food Waste In Closed Trash Cans And Dustbins

It is essential to be cautious with your food if you have a rodent scare. Mice and rats search for food waste on the premises and stay there for a long time. When renovating the office, you may ignore food waste disposal. But don’t do that. Use large trash cans and bags to dispose of the waste properly.

  • Keep The Lids Closed

Keep all the lids of the trash cans, dustbins and food storage bins closed to prevent mice entry. Rat loves to binge on the food left or stored in an open lid container. Be alert and close it after use.

  • Use Mice Traps

After you have done the renovation, use mouse traps and other mouse-catching tools to get rid of new rodents. A newly renovated place is a dream place for rodents. They would get new wires and chewable material. So keep traps ready.

  • Rodent-Repellents

You can get a stock of rodent repellents to scare the mice and rats off. Remember to use eco-friendly solutions only that are not harmful to humans and pets. These repellants work, and you can keep them at the entry points.

  • Be Cautious While Eating Around The Worktable

Be cautious while you eat, especially in a freshly renovated workplace. You want to avoid attracting new rats inside the office and making them stay there.

So follow these preventive tips and stay safe.

Call a professional for the best results.

Signs That You Have Rodent at Work

It is not difficult to gauge if the rodents are at work in your workplace. These are the signs that can make you detect them most effectively.

  • Structural Electrical Damage

If you find any electrical wire chewed and damaged, then that could be a sign of rat infestation.

  • Chew Marks

If you find chew marks and bite marks all over the office and all the office stationery and inventory have nibble marks, then that states there are rats.

  • Rodents Droppings

Rodent droppings are the most significant sign of rats and mice. They can be spread all around the office.

  • Noise Around The Surroundings, Especially At Night

If you hear scratching, chewing and movement noises that rats make while doing their business, you can detect that there are mice on the property that require your attention.

  • Burrows In The Corners

There are rat burrows or holes in the corners of the front yard property your office may have. Look out for them to detect mice.

  • Litter And Other Trash Spread Around The Property

Rats often cause trash and litter to spread in search of food and other edible items.

  • Trails Of Their Movement

Mice and rats often leave trail marks. You can gauge by looking at them if they are around or not.

So be watchful and sight mice around your office site, and call professionals if you find them in an uncontrollable number.

Signs That Your Place Is Rodent-Free.

After a professional rodent removal service, you can stay safe from rats and mice. They will leave the premises and never return after a good and long-lasting professional treatment.

The signs that may tell you are rodent-free:

  • No Chew And Bite Marks Over Things
  • No Litter Spread Around The Property
  • No Structural Electrical Damage
  • Noise-Free Days And Nights
  • Cleaned And Well Maintained Premises

Rodents cause problems – the office and the workplace cannot ignore and let go. You need to be cautious of rodent infestation, especially while renovating. Follow the tips and look for signs to prevent their infestation and stay rodent-free all the time.

Hire professional pest control services to keep your premises safe from rodents.

Need for Cockroach Pest Control Treatment

There can be various reasons behind pest infestation in your home and many of the reasons for cleanliness. Some common pests like cockroaches or ants invade your home without any invitation and they keep roaming around like it’s their home and you are the guest in their home. Many times it happens that pests already infested their home but don’t get to know and later on they face severe damage to their property which costs lots of money.

Tip Cockroach Control Treatment

Many people prefer do-it-yourself treatments but in some places, DIY methods do not give satisfying results. DIY methods are not enough to knock out the pests from the house as they are very stubborn. DIY methods will only help you to get rid of those pests which are visible to you but pests who are busy making their colonies by hiding somewhere in your home.

That’s the reason the DIY method is not going to work when it comes to doing pest control. Instead, you should hire a professional pest control company in Craigieburn for cockroach pest control treatment. They are trained on the job and they keep handling cockroaches or other pests. So, they are the best person for doing cockroach pest control treatment in your home.

Pests Pose Real Health Threats

Many people do not take it seriously to do cockroach pest control treatment. But let me tell you pests like cockroaches carry lots of germs with them, they work as a transporter of harmful germs which can cause you serious disease in no time. Other pests like mosquitoes can cause you diseases like asthma or malaria. You should not avoid pest infestation whenever you notice any pest like cockroach-infested in your home, then, immediately call a certified pest controllers team for cockroach pest control treatment.

Damage to Property and Belongings

Cockroaches are very nasty creatures and they can create a mess in your life as you can’t even imagine. Cockroaches invade your home from small openings or holes and they are very attracted to food crumbs and beverage spills. They hide in corners so you can’t find them but still, their infestation is easy to identify as they keep roaming everywhere and they also drop things in your home that damage your property. And, the most important thing they damage is your health which is your first wealth.

Keep Food Safe and Enclosed

As said above, cockroaches or other pests like flies or rats are attracted to food. So, they attack your food first, and they leave lots of germs in your food which you eat later and that makes you fall ill and even you can face consequences like food poisoning. So, you better make sure that you keep your food safe and enclosed in a clean place.


Infestation of pests like cockroaches can be very disastrous and ignoring their infestation can be very disastrous. So, that’s the reason why you should hire professional pest control for the cockroach control treatment.

5 Signs That Your Home Has Termites

Most of the houses consist of a lot of wood. Either most houses use timber for woodwork or they at least have wooden doors. And you know what? Wood can be very expensive. Imagine what will happen to all the expensive wood if the termites invade your house. Termites are the most destructive kinds of pests.

They damage your house enormously. Therefore, you should always be cautious of these pests. Moreover, if you think you have a termite infestation then you should call for professional help as soon as possible. But first and foremost you should be aware of an infestation. So, here are some signs of a termite infestation.

Are There Mud Tunnels In Your House? 

Have you been coming across mud tubes or mud tunnels in your house? They are the most common signs that you have a termite infestation. Even finding a single mud tunnel in your house can be an indication that their nest is very close. You can also find these tunnels in your backyard on trees. So, whenever you come across these mud tubes, you should take quick action. Call a professional to prevent your house. 

Is There Any Damaged Wooden Furniture?

If you have a wooden door that has holes or any wooden furniture that has holes. This can mean that you are already living with termites. To further confirm that you have termites, check your wooden furniture by knocking. If the sound of the knock feels hollow then you should call for termite control as quickly as possible. Moreover, termites also leave a lot of wood dust around your house. Keep an eye on this as well. 

Do You Have Stuck Doors?

Doors and windows are the easiest targets for termites. Most houses have wooden doors and windows. Termites can get access to these doors and windows from the outdoors as well. So, if you feel that you have stuck doors and windows. Then it can be a sign of termite existence. Whenever you spot a stuck door, make sure that you check if there is any hole, hollowness, wood dust, or any mud tube. 

Check For Any Termite Mounds Near Your House

There are several types of termites. Some of these creatures build termite mounds. If you have a termite mound around your house then you should take immediate action. A termite mound can mean that there are big colonies of termites living near your house. So, someday or the other your house will be their prey. Therefore, eliminating a termite mound is very crucial. There can even be underground tunnels made by termites. 

Have You Recently Seen A Termite Swarm?

When the temperature gets humid and warm. Usually, around the monsoon, you might come across a termite swarm. These swarms basically hover around to create a new colony. If you spot a termite swarm then this means that there is already a colony near your house. Moreover, they are searching to build another colony. To be safer than sorry, you should book the pest control service soon after you see a termite swarm. 

Why Is It Important To Book Professional Pest Control To Get Rid Of Termites?

You can not handle a termite infestation on your own. You will need a professional to get a quick fix. Moreover, store-bought products to eliminate termites can be very dangerous as they have a lot of chemicals. Instead to have a safe experience book pest control services from our Pest Control Craigieburn expert. We are a well-established pest control agency with professional services. Moreover, the services we deliver are very affordable. Furthermore, we only use organic pesticides to assure our customer’s safety. Call us now to book our professionals.